How to Care for Cardoons

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Here are the cardoons growing in my garden. They are generally taller than artichoke plants.

Earwigs and their eggs seem to like living among the stalks.

A smaller, new shoot will have stalks that are more tender.

Trim the leaves from each stalk.

Here are a bunch of cardoons ready for peeling.

Use a potato peeler or knife to remove the stringy exterior ribs.

Then cut each stalk into pieces. Try tasting them uncooked.

Add juice of half lemon and the lemon itself to a quart of water. The acidified bath helps prevent discoloration.

I had some green garlic and spring onions that I added to some olive oil and sautéed.

Then I added the cardoons, which were drained. I cooked them for less than ten minutes. I wanted them to keep their crunch.

I tossed bread crumbs with the cardoons in a bowl and topped with grated Parmesan cheese.

I served the cooked cardoons with a nearby vase of cardoon stalks. They were a distinctively earthy side dish.

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