How to Make a Warm Veggie and Quinoa "Salad"

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1 cup of quinoa

Pour quinoa into rice cooker

2 cups of water pour into rice cooker

Cook on white rice setting

Dice full onion (I know, crappy pic of diced onions!) set aside

Slice mushrooms and set aside

Dice carrots set aside

Dice bell pepper and set aside

Add coconut oil to saucepan medium heat

Add minced ginger and garlic

Sauté for 2 mins stirring frequently

Add onions and sauté for 2 mins

Add bell pepper then sauté for 2 mins

Add mushrooms and sauté until everything is cooking well

Add carrots then sauté until carrots are slightly tender.

Add truffle salt to taste

Put cooked quinoa into mixing bowl

Put cooked veggies on top of quinoa in bowl

Toss and mix well then add olive oil and balsamic


Add truffle salt to taste and serve!

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