How to Cook Rice Pudding Aka Grandmas Surprise Tejberizs

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Hey guys I'm gonna make one of my favorite desert from back when I was a kid really simple doesn't take much time yet can look amazing, only time you ll need is to let it cool down after you cooked it

We start off just like all basic cooking by boiling water however this time don't add anything to the water yet.

Once the water gets a little warmer drop the rice in it as you can see try feel the pan because it has to take in all the water.

Once you can see it took all the water in make sure you keep mix it up so it doesn't burn tho it's time to add the other ingredients.

Drop a nice amount of margarine in it so the rice won't get too stuck to each other at least that's how my grandma explained it and add the milk to it - add enough that the rice can take in.

First after you mix it up it should look something like that but don't worry really soon it will go into what you see on restaurants menus.

While you mixing it to make sure it doesn't get stuck start adding sugar and vanilla sugar accosting to your taste how sweet you prefer it :).

Once everything is added and you feel like the taste is perfect for you just cover the pan up turn the heat down a little and let the magic happen *tho don't forget mixing it sometimes.

This is what you should get after 10-15 mins max really depending on how much you make and how high your temperature is.

This is the way I store it but with some basic ingredients you can make it look like its a 5 ***** Hotels desert you are serving to your friends or some guest.

For the magic get a smaller glass put jam at the bottom not too much like 1/6 of the cup. Then you add the hot rice on top and add some more jam on top now put it in the frig and let the magic happen.

As you can see try to keep the jam in the middle so you ll get a better look serve it with one strawberry on the middle and one cinnamon on the side and there you have it just like its from a hotel 🍧

*just as a side note if you need this dessert fast you can serve it warm and it can look just as good. Also it tastes pretty good with chocolate or cinnamon powder on it if you don't want to go fancy.


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