How to Draw an Eye!

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First stepdraw a very simple outline of the eye. Same applies for all!

Then draw the waterline, the pupil, and the eyelid. I know It looks funky but it will look fine once u start blending. TIPthe pupil is ALWAYS in the middle of the coloured part of the eye! ALWAYS!!!

Choose where to highlight the eye. Leave those parts all white. And if TE highlight isn't in the pupil fill it in. Then draw curved brush stokes around the pupil and the outside of the coloured part.

Noe shade in the eye. :) don't press down on ur pencil too hard because if you do it will be very difficult to erase later without leaving marks or ruining ur eye.

Now add the eyelashes. If u notice the eyelashes come from inside the eyelid and curve outward. That's exactly how u should draw it. Add any extra shading. Don't blend it yet and keep the highlights!

To make a more dramatic looking eye make it darker or ad longer lashes etc. The main part in this step is blending. Take ur pinky and gently blend the pupil, the top of the eye, and the eyelids. (:

EYEBROWSdraw the outline for the eyebrows. This is also perfect for drawing penciled in eyebrows. Just colour it in!^^

Use curved brush strokes to do the eyebrows. Make sure they all go in the same direction and always start from the bottom up. And don't worry if they're not perfect, we're going to blend them later!^^

Blend! Since this is a caucasian eye, the eyes generally have less fat on the lids so I made the shading darker (can't tell in photo!). So shade around the eye to form the cheek and nose shadows. :p

Remember, if you are having trouble drawing something follow these three steps1. Practice makes perfect 2. Observe fellow humans or whatever ur drawing 3. Find ur muse! HAPPY DRAWING! <3

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