How to Disassemble a Used Wine Barrel for Other Crafts

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This project will show you how easy it is to take a wine barrel apart. You may then use the staves, top and bottom for other crafts!

New wine barrels run $600-$750+! Used barrels, however, run from $25-$40 direct from wineries. You may also look for whiskey or rum barrels if that's easier in your area.

Tools I used. You might or might not use all these tools. Remember to wear eye protection! This project is easy with a little elbow grease.

Wine barrel before getting started.

The metal rings that hold the barrel together are normally nailed with two small and short nails per ring. The nails are on opposite sides from each other.

Small nails. They will fly off when you pry them! They do not make any noise when they land on the ground. Catch them!

Wedge your pry bar under the nail head. Pound the bar with the mallet and pry the nail out.

If the nail is in deepwith the mallet, wedge the flat head screw driver under the metal ring to lift the nail head out a little bit. If you do this, be careful to minimize damage the the wood.

Hit each metal ring to loosen. You might need to go around.

You're almost done! This is easy. Do half the rings (the top side) then turn the barrel over and do the rest.

Rings are off!

The barrel with all rings off.

If you pull off a few staves the whole barrel will "explode" and come apart!

Voilà! Staves vary in width and you'll get 24 to 28 from a barrel (on average). Now- get creative!

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