How to Cut an Avocado

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Take a ripe, but not soft, avocado.

Using a sharp knife, cut through avocado's skin and meat, stopping at the pit. Revolve the avocado on the blade until the fruit is cut in half on the pit.

Twist the avocado to separate the halves.

Take the half without the pit and cut it lengthwise.

At this point many people would slap the blade into the pit and twist it out. Showy, but unnecessary.

Just cut it in half again, twist and pull apart.

You can now easily pop out the pit. You now have an avocado cut in lengthwise quarters.

Grab the tip of the skin at the narrow end and peel it off.

Perfect, with no scooping with a spoon. You wouldn't scoop out a banana with a spoon would you?

Now you can toss the peels into the trash can--never into a garbage disposal!

Cut the avocado and do with it what you want. I recommend a little salt and pepper and a fork.

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