How to Get Sexy Smoky Eyes

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I have used all MUA Cosmetics for an on budget Sexy Smoky Eye look! Each item is under £5!

Take a sharp black eyeliner and line your bottom lash line.

Now apply your black eyeliner to your top lash line.

Load a flat eyeshadow brush with a brown eyeshadow and set the black eyeliner into place.

Now take a brown eyeliner pencil and apply the pencil into the crease of the eye for definition.

Load a fluffy blending brush with a warm black brown eyeshadow and blending the shade into the crease area to set the eyeliner.The more blended the more smokier the look is!

With a synthetic flat brush take a pearly cream white eyeshadow and apply to your water line.

Apply a beautiful shimmery gold to the centre of the eyelid and to your inner corner of your eye.

Highlight your brow bone with a blending brush and a shimmery white eyeshadow.

This is the fun part! Eyelashes. Cut to your eye shape, flex them and then apply the glue to the strip. Let this go tacky for a few seconds and then apply to your root of your lashes.

Finally use a liquid eyeliner to create a strong winged eyeliner. Apply this just to your top lash line.

There you have sexy smoky eyes on a budget!

Sexy Smoky eyes should be finished with a nude matte lip! Perfect! And easy to do 

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