How to Make Easy Chocolate Truffles

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Ingredients at the ready? Then let's begin!

Chop or break the chocolate into small pieces and put in a warmed mixing bowl.

Pour the cream into a sauce pan and heat until simmering. Take it off of the heat and allow it to cool for a minute.

Now pour the cream over your chocolate pieces and stir until the chocolate melts.

Once the mix is smooth, slowly add the butter in small cubes. If you find your mixture too cool, warm in over a saucepan of hot but not boiling water.

Once your butter is well incorporated, put the mix in the fridge for at least two hours or overnight to set.

Get the coating of your choice and dust the side board with it, cocoa powder or ground almonds work well. Now scoop out spoonfuls of the mix and roll between your hands and then in the coating.

Your yummy truffles should look something like this.

With a few added touches they make great gifts. Thanks for reading x

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