How to Color Code Your Keys!

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Here's your supplies. I also have another key that's not pictured here.

I would reccommend starting with the edge and then painting each face of the key. This will make it look more neat.

I messed this one up but after using a q-tip I cleaned it back up.

Apply two coats of your nail polish and then your top coat.

Take your painted key and carefully stick it through the plastic part of your Kleenex box. This way you can dry both sides at the same time. I'm sure there are other things you could use too!

Here's both my keys drying in the Kleenex. Make sure you press slowly on the plastic or else the keys will not stay upright.

I wanted to add a design to this one. Using a toothpick and some black mail polish I drew a heart because this one's my house key! I wanted to do leopard print but my keys have too many holes.

Here's my finished keys! They used to look the same and now I can easily tell them apart!

I found this idea on pinterest and loved it. Hope you like it too! If I was better at painting nails I would definitely do some cool designs like I've seen in other tutorials on this app!

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