How to Cook Vegetarian Stir Fry

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All ingredients

Chop all the vegies

Cut tofu into small cubes and mince garlic

Add oil into wok and put the flame to high

Put tofu and garlic into wok and add 1 tbs rice wine and 2 tbs rice vinegar and keep stirring

Add oregano, black pepper, and ginger, I add these visually to my taste, so do so accordingly for your own tastes. Increase heat to medium and saute for a couple minutes. 9

Add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, increase the heat to maximum, then let sautee for a minute. 10

Add the veggies! Place another teaspoon of rice wine in at this point if you would prefer a slightly less tangy stir fry. 11

Add in additional oregano, black pepper, and ginger along with sesame seeds, and stir. 12

You should notice a few things. One, the broccoli should start to shrink together. The general rule of doneness still applies here, taste a few of the vegetables and see what you think.

Serve it and enjoy! This is enough to easily feed a few hungry mouths around, or one really hungry person.

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