How to paint a dual color chevron wall

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To make your chevron pattern just use a piece a cardboard and draw and cut out the size you want.

Now tape away all your chevrons! Don't worry about that overlapping tape since your only painting the first color.

First color done!

If you want to keep your brushes or rollers from drying out just wrap them in some plastic and they will last for hours even days. 😁 This is if you have to leave the project for any reason

Tape right along edge of color you just painted ... After it's dry lol

Trim excess tape with a knife I used a razor knife they work the best! Just be careful you only have so many fingers lol!!!! Safety first!!!!!!!Please be safe when using any knifes!!!

Start your second color.. Remember first coat doesn't have to be perfect so don't glob paint on there.

Second color first coat done!

Better pic of 1st coat of second color

2nd coat on 2nd color done!! How's it look so far?

Best part! Take all the tape off after all your paint is dry.

Done! If you have little spots just use a touch up brush. But they are not big deal to take care of 😁

Best thing to know about painting is that your first coat doesn't have to be perfect, because you can always do a 2 coats... So don't sweat it if it looks light or spotty😬 trust the paint

This project only took 1 qt of yellow paint and 1qt of grey and I did 3 coats of yellow and 2 of grey. I still have paint left over almost half. Oo and use good painters tape!! 😁good luck!!

Leave a comment if you have any questions Thanks for seeing the guide and if you do a paint project I hope it turns out great!! Good luck and keep snapping!

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