How to make chocolate dessert cake

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Take chocolate chips semi sweetened or sweetened, light or dark. Any you prefer.

Or chocolate bar. Take chips or bar both. You just have to melt chocolate with butter.

Melt chocolate with butter in a pan

Crack 5 eggs in a deep bowl n whisk

Add sugar to the eggs. Brown sugar is preferable but I ran out of it so had to use white

Add brown flour to the batter

Mix whisk or beat. Whatever is handy n easy for you

Melted chocolate with butter. Cool it down before adding it to the batter

Fold it in the egg sugar n flour batter

Folding, incorporating

Pour it in a baking tin/pan. Don't forget to grease the pan with oil/butter

Top it off with almond flakes. This is optional so suit yourselves. Pop the pan in the oven for 40-50 min. Check with a fork before taking it out of the oven if it's cooked properly. 50min does it

Taken out of oven

Served. Garnish or serve with any berry sauce or compote or coulis. Goes great with whipped cream or ice cream too. Bon apetite!

Watch the video: 3 ingredient CHOCOLATE CAKE! Lock Down Cake Recipe!

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