How to create a cute new lampshade

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Supplies ready! *kitten is optional

Remove old shade cover.

Cut the amount of fabric you'll be needing. Remember to always cut more than less. You'll be needing the extra on the sides to securely wrap the fabric around the base later on.

Your freshly cut piece of fabric should be able to cover the whole base.

Use some sort of marker to remember the dimensions/start/finish of the shade.

Now that the outline is marked, it's time to do the same, but for the upper part.

Now that the full outline is marked, just connect the dots!

Remember to always cut extra!!

By now, it should fit over the base with only a little extra surpassing the edges.

Glue along your markers to secure the bottom, then top part of your fabric, to the base.

Glue from the inside and get all the edges.

Should fit like a glove.

Tadaaa you've got yourself a new lampshade!

Watch the video: How to Make Lampshades - Best fabric for making Gathered lampshades?


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