How to make a steampunk spells 3d atc box graphic 45

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Color the ATC Box black with paint or paper. Secure the lid so it stays upright.

Add polka dot paper to top and sides.

Wrap tinsel trim around base and secure.

Attach Lucky Spells image with small balloon behind.

Add large balloon image and floral corner edge.

Layer on the Potions and Charms image and opposite corner.

Add supports in center for layering images forward.

Add Steampunk woman image on first support closest to back.

Secure clock image behind her wing.

Attach 2 oval frame images. You will want to secure these black cardstock strips to get the proper angle.

Add the Beware image in the center of oval frames.

Layer a clock image behind the scroll and a butterfly in front. The butterfly should be attached in the center of it's body so the wings can bend forward.

Add large balloon image.

Place 2 generous poofy polka dot bows to outside edges.

Next comes another oval frame image secured to the inside of the box.

Add fussy cut flowers to outside of box.

Layer chipboard images and secure on front of box.

Finish off the front of the box with flowers and glittery spider.

Attach the Wishing you a Happy Halloween banner over balloons.

Viewing the layers from one side....

And the other.

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