How to make salted caramel sauce

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Get all your ingredients measured out. The key is constant stirring, so you want to be prepared.

Melt the butter.

Add sugar a little at a time and stir over medium high heat constantly while it dissolves and melts.

Whisk. Non-stop.

Whisk. You want to keep a close eye on it. Make sure it doesn't splash on you, it will burn.

Keep whisking the bubbly goodness.

Pull it off if it gets too hot, but keep whisking.

Starting to caramelize.

When it gets to a colour that is lighter than you want, stop. It will darken further as it settles and cools.

Slowly add the cream. It will bubble - just keep stirring. If you have a short whisk, wear an oven mitt so the steam doesn't burn you. Whisk in the whisky and salt.

Give your wrist a break. Set it aside to cool.

I was impatient, so I gently stirred over an ice bath. Make sure that is is properly cooled - you could get really burnt with the hot sugar.

Yum - spread over something delicious like these Sriracha Chocolate Brownies. See my other guide!

When it's cooled, store in a mason jar. Save it for your favourite ice cream!

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