How to create a school backpack album with g45 collection

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Cut out a 4 sheets of paper 15 / 20.5 cm

Cut out a 5 sheets of paper 4,5/ 15 cm for cover and do the scoring in the middle of the sheet width 0.5 cm

Add glue to one side of the paper strips

Glue this piece to the sheet of paper 15 / 20,5 сm

You need to have this result!

Glue the next piece to the sheet of paper. You need to paste the details from both sides.

Cut 2 sheets of paper Mother Goose Collection 15 / 20.5 cm

Cut 8 sheets of 14.5 / 20 cm. Tint the edges of paper sheets with Distress Ink.

Add this paper sheets to the craft sheets. Use glue or Scotch tape.

You need to retreat from the edge of the kraft paper. Scrap paper must be like in kraft frame.

Add All Scrap Sheets!

What a great result!

Make from kraft paper the substrates for photos! It may be long for many photos (42/10 cm) or short for one photo 10/15 cm

Create a substrate for photos from mini paper pad Mother Goose collection.

Add scrol on sheets, if you need to add in album many photos.

Add substrate to the album.

How neat and beautiful looks the many substrates.

You may add a drawstrings.

Making fabric cover for the album! I sewed two different fabrics together.

Cut 5 parts out of cardboard: 2 pieces 3.5 / 15.5 cm, 2 pieces 15.5 / 21cm, 1 piece 8 / 15.5 cm

Round the one side of the cardboard item ( 8 / 15.5cm)

Cut out excess padding polyester.

On the other side, where a round piece of cardboard, you need to make an incision in the tissue.

Carefully glue these "rays" on board one by one.

Remember that between a pieces of cardboard should be a distance of 0.5 cm

You have this cover backpack!

Decor it with Mother Goose Banners, Stickers or Chiapboard.

Add the strap of a backpack.

Glue the finished album to the finished cover !!!

Apply a lot of glue!

Not forget to add the part of the paper for the cover of a backpack!

Decor a pocket on the cover.

This backpack-album have many secret pockets and can accommodate 25 photos!

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