How to make herby lemon chicken #healthyeating

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Start with the zest of one lemon

Add your choice of mixed herbs but you want about 2 tbsps in total. I used mint, parsley, basil, thyme and rosemary. They are a bit dark as herbs are out of season so these were frozen

Add the juice of one lemon and a tsp of olive oil

Put two chicken breasts in to marinade. Leave for a least a couple of hours or covered in the fridge overnight.

Fry the chicken in a little oil until brown on both sides and nearly cooked through. Do not throw the marinade away

I cooked some courgettes (zucchini) in the same pan to save on washing up

Once the chicken is cooked pour the remaining marinade over the top. Leave it to cook on high for a few mins. Remember the marinade has had raw chicken in so you want to make sure it's hot and cooked.

I served it with the courgettes, some curly kale and plenty of salad. It also works well with a mixture of citrus eg lime, orange, grapefruit

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