How to cook juicy potatoes

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Wash, dry out and chop the dill

Also the onions :) take care with the eyes; ı did slice by own but you can use a slicer dicer smtg like a robot

Prepare your parmesan here ı did use old amaterdam cheese

Don't forget the butter

Boil your patatoes like 10 min. Do not boil for too long we will also cook them in the pan so don't want the patatoes to be soft.

Dry them out and wash them again with tab water so that you can easily peel them without any hand burns..

Heat your pan, and add the butter

Add your onions also with very small amout of sugar

Prepare the peeled sliced patatoes

Add the patatoes into your pan and start to enjoy the smell

Put also your cheese on top of the patatoes and start watching it all gets brownish

Put the salt nearly at the end

Finally add your sliced dill and stir

Here it is ready to be served...

Bon apetit ;)

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