How to bake macaroons in an alto shaam cook&hold oven

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Gather mise en place. Note: all measurements are by weight to ensure total accuracy.

Combine almond flour and confectioners sugar in Robot Coup or food processor and pulse till fine and powdery. When finished place in large mixing bowl.

Combine granulated sugar and water.

Place sugar and water over medium flame.

In the meantime add first 110 g of egg white to mixing bowl.

Add other egg white to almond flour/confectioners sugar mixture. Do not mix.

Whip egg white till it is quite foamy.

When sugar/water combination reached 250F (121C), remove from heat.

With the mixer running slowly add hot sugar mix by drizzling down side of the bowl. Do not add too quickly.

Whip till soft peaks form and the meringue is glossy.

Fold meringue into almond flour mix, adding 1/3 of meringue at a time. Be sure to be gentle.

Should form a glossy mix that ribbons.

Separate into bowls to add coloring.

Fold color gel into batter.

Pipe 1.5-2" discs onto silpat or parchment lined sheet pan.

Rest the macarons for about 20 min. They should not feel sticky on top before going into the oven. Be sure to give them enough spacing, unlike we did with ours on the bottom left.

Place into an Alto-Shaam Cook and Hold oven, stay as close to the middle of the oven as possible, avoid the top 2 shelves.

Bake in oven at 284F (140C) for about 25 min, until nice shell has formed.

Remove from oven and let cool. Fill with your choice of filling and enjoy!

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