How to make steamed ginger milk pudding

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To make this pudding, first prepare all ingredients needed.

Using an egg separator, separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Retain egg whites and keep the yolks for other use.

To express ginger juice, first scrape the edge of a metal spoon against the ginger to peel off the skin.

Then grate the ginger with the finest grater you have.

Gather the ginger pulp in a small pile in a bowl. Use a spatula, press the pulp against the bowl.

Using a fine mesh strainer set over a bowl or jar, strain the ginger juice into the container. And we're done with the juice!

Squeeze extra ginger juice and let it settle. Scoop up the top of juice leaving behind the white powdery sediment at the bottom as it can make the pudding tastes tough.

To make the pudding, first pour the egg whites into a large measuring cup or container.

Add in sugar followed by a pinch of salt.

Using a wire whisk, mix to dissolve sugar and salt in the egg whites.

Then slowly add in the fresh milk.

With the same wire whisk, mix everything together.

Using a strainer, strain the milk mixture into a clean container to remove the air bubbles.

Then add in the freshly squeezed ginger juice.

Mix well the ginger juice with the milk and egg mixture.

Put a steaming bowl on a scale and pour the ginger milk mixture into it using the strainer.

Divide the ginger milk mixture evenly into the bowls using the scale.

Skim off any air bubbles on the top of milk, if any.

Cling wrap tightly each bowl of ginger milk mixture.

Prepare the steamer by boiling some water in a wok. Place a plate with holes to allow steam to pass in the wok.

Carefully and gently place the wrapped bowls into the steamer over the boiling water.

Cover and steam over medium low heat for 15 minutes. And we're done!

Traditionally, these are served hot. But they taste equally good chilled.

To serve the pudding cold, let rest to room temperature. Then cover with cling wrap and chill in refrigerator.

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