How to make pumpkin cupcakes with a frosty topping

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Gather ingredients

Preheat oven to 180° Celcius

Chop your pumpkin into small chunks

Put it into a food processor

Press pulse until it looks like this

Add brown sugar

Add eggs

Add flour

Add baking powder

Add cinnamon

Add oil

Pulse until it looks like this

Put cupcake cases into a cupcake pan

Fill each case halfway with the mixture and put inthe oven

For 12 minutes or until toothpick come out clean

Gather ingredients for the topping

Grate the clementine and the lemon leaving a little of it to put on top later

Squeeze the lemon juice in

Add sour cream

Add icing sugar ( note: I needed a lot more than this, just following the recipe)

Add vanilla

Mix until it looks like this and spoon on top of the cooled cupcakes

Enjoy!! 😋

😋😋they were really yummy

Watch the video: Pumpkin Cupcakes w. Cream Cheese Frosting-How to Recipe-Dishin With Di Recipe Video #8-Diane Kometa


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