How to create a naked cake

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Build your 7 in cake first. Take a flat sturdy 7 in round chocolate layer, and fill it with a 1/2 inch thick choc frosting layer, 1/4 inch from edge.

Stack and repeat!

Make sure to put the same quantity of filling on each layer so that your cake will be level when it is complete!

Fill the edges with cream cheese butter cream, to create a smooth finish. I placed my frosting a plastic bag, cut the corner and piped the frosting in the edges of the cake.

Repeat the same process with your 10 inch round red velvet layers!

Stack and fill!

Place dowels in cake, mark the height, and cut dowels level to cake, make sure it is FLUSH with the cake, so that the next tier lays flat!

Pipe in edges, just as you did with the 7 inch tier.

Stack cake, carefully placing the 7inch tier on top of the 10inch tier. Center it, and line the base with buttercream. :)

Decorate how you like! Experiment with strawberries...

Or flowers and strawberries! And a sprinkle of powdered sugar! :) Happy baking! Xoxo ~Rikki P.s. Follow me on Instagram @LittleSisterSweets

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