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Draw your still life. You are drawing grapes. Draw them big enough to add value inside. Overlap them and vary the size ( some big some small).

Add a leaf. Your leaf can be anywhere as long as it is attached to your grapes.

Add a spiral vine by your leaf.

Begin adding value by outlining your grapes with black. Press hard.

Add your red. Remember to blend the red with the black by going on top of the black. Press hard.

Add your highlight with white. Blend the white into the red by going on top of the red. Press hard.

Repeat steps 4-6 to complete all grapes.

Fill in the gaps in between grapes with black.

Trace over the inner leaf lines with black.

Blend the black with green.

Repeat step 10 to fill the leaf.

Add white highlight to the putter edge of the leaf.

Trace over the spiral vine with brown. Congratulations! You created form with oil pastel!

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