How to make a jack-o-lantern

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Gather your materials including a sharp knife, pumpkin, latex gloves, a Sharpie marker, plastic bag, small candle, a lighter, and newspaper.

Prepare your work space. Put on your gloves and place your pumpkin on a sheet of newspaper.

Carefully cut around the top of the pumpkin until you make a complete circle. Once you have made the cut, pull the stem so the top piece can be removed.

Dig down into the pumpkin and grab handfuls of guts. Pull them out and place them in your plastic bag. Continue doing this until all the guts are removed.

Tie up the plastic bag of guts and throw them into the garbage can outside of your house.

Sketch the eyes onto the pumpkin in whatever shape you choose. Carefully cut out the eyes with your knife along the lines of your sketch. Pop the eyes out after you completely cut all the way around.

Sketch the outline of your mouth. Cautiously cut out the mouth along the outline. Pop out the mouth by sticking your hand inside the top of the pumpkin and pushing out the cut out of the mouth.

Take the piece with the stem off the top of your pumpkin, Place a small candle inside the pumpkin. Light the candle and place the top piece back on your pumpkin.

Chose a prominent location to show off your pumpkin.

Throw away your newspaper and latex gloves, wash your knife and put it away, and put away your Sharpie marker.

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