How to create disney witches nailart

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Paint your nails in a colour You like, But Try To choose one that contrast the Motives (i.e. Don't use black for Maleficent Or light blue for Ursula)

Since the design is a bit harder To draw, i drew on the outlines of the Design with a clear top coat so i get an idea of where every thing lies

Mix your nail polishes/acrylic paint (i Used nail polishes, bit you can use whatever you favour) until you get the colours you seem fit and draw on the faces First. Then slowly add the clothing

Contour The Evil Queen's Head with black to create her head wear. Don't forget that every of the witches has a heart shape or triangle shape on her forhead

Here you can See how I start adding the clothing. Ursula doesn't need additional clothing As her face is potrayed bigger On the nails than the others' faces. I also already added Maleficent's "horns"

Add Ursula's hair (mainly white with grey side hair) and The Evil Queen's crown (just draw some yellow triangles, connect them and fill out the gaps) and jewelry (a yellow dot with a tinier red dot)

Add two dark purple dots for Ursulas earrings and light green curved lines on Maleficent's horns.

Add a mouth (if desired), wait until dry and then add a top coat. If you messed up a little you can clean up everything carefully with a q-tip dipped in acetone

I hope the tutorial explains it somehow 🙈 if you have any questions just ask!️ For more nail art ideas follow me on Instagram: nailartbakery

Watch the video: Disney Princess Nails! DIY Pocahontas Nail Art Design tutorial short nails

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