How to make nut meringue in the alto shaam cook & hold oven

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In a food processor, robo your variety of nuts. For this guide, we used half hazelnuts and pistachios for color. Then add the ground almonds.

Pulse to combine until you have a course-sand consistency.

In a bowl, whisk or stir nut mixture and flour together.

Whisk egg whites in an electric mixing bowl.

Add sugars and vanilla bean once soft peaks have formed, then continue to whisk until stiff peaks form.

Carefully fold in your nut mixture until combined.

Separate the meringue into two batches on half sheet trays with greased parchment paper.

Using a small spatula, gently spread out the meringue over the entire sheet tray in one even layer.

Dehydrate overnight at 140F (60C).

Meringue will be crunchy and can be broken into pieces to be used as a flavorful dessert garnish.

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