How to make felt mickey & minnie ornaments

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Gather supplies

Make a Mickey head template from paper or cardboard

Using template, draw Mickey head onto black felt. I used adhesive back felt which made it easy to see the lines, it also is thicker which made it more sturdy. You will need two heads per Mickey.

Draw a half circle onto red or green felt. Cut out all pieces. You will need one half circle per Mickey.

Stick half circles onto Mickey head. This is the front.

I used green to represent Minnie and red for Mickey.

Cut ribbon for hangers. Use green ribbon to make bows for Minnie head.

Turn head over and peel adhesive backing off of felt, and attach ribbon to be used to hang on tree.

Stick second Mickey head over to seal ribbon, now you have a front and back to the head.

Use tacky glue to attach bow to top of head. Use white puff paint to make dots on green, set aside to dry.

Use tacky glue to attach buttons.


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