How to perform a simple back care routine

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Please consult with a physician before performing or starting new exercises

Neck Stretch: Place head on roller. Keep chin up. Shoulders and upper back stay relaxed. Breath 8 )

Neck Stretch: Turn head side to side slowly. Try not to pick the head up to turn. Let your head sink into the roller.

Back Mobility: Lean on roller and position the top or middle of your shoulder blades on the roller. The lower back is neutral (NOT pressed into mat)

Back Mobility: Extend your back over the roller. If your upper back seems stuck or limited in range, place the roller a littler higher on your back.

Back Mobility: Flex (curl) forward until your back is in a C-curve. Repeat.

Spinal Rotation: Start lying on your back knees bent with a neutral spine. (this means your lower back is NOT pressed into mat)

Spinal Rotation: Take your knees over to the left stacking foot on top of foot. Hold for a few breathes.

Spinal Rotation: Drop your knees to the right stacking feet. Stay for a few breaths. Repeat both sides.

Spinal Rotation TT: Bring legs to a table top position. Knees above hips and knees at 90.

Spinal Rotation TT: Draw your knees and ankles to the Right *Do not let your legs touch the ground when rotating from side to side.

Spinal Rotation: Draw your knees and ankles to the Left and turn your head to the Right.

Back Extension: Lie on your stomach with elbows by your side and hands on the mat in line with elbows. Keep legs hop distance or wider apart.

Back Extension: For the first 2 repetitions use your arm strength to mobilize your spine doing a "sloppy push-up". The next 8 reps initiate from back.

Shell Stretch: After Back Extension push yourself back on your heels rounding the back and scooping belly in. Take a few breaths.

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