How to make perler bead coasters

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Today, in partnership with IZZE®, we are teaching you how to make grapefruit Perler bead coasters — the perfect place to set down your IZZE® Sparkling Grapefruit.

We can’t get enough IZZE® these days. From IZZE® Sparkling Cherry Lime to IZZE® Sparkling Clementine, these sparkling beverages are made with delightful ingredients and stay true to the fruit flavor.

Now gather your girlfriends, pick up some IZZE® and the largest container of Perler beads you can find, and let’s get making!

Arrange the Perler beads on the pegboard in the shape of a grapefruit slice. You can follow our design or create your own.

If you’re struggling to hold onto the beads, use a set of tweezers for easy placing.

Be sure to set your iron on low and no steam. press it on top of your beads moving in slow circles for about three minutes, or until the beads have melted.

Keep moving the iron around in circles over your design until the beads are completely welded together. Once the beads have merged, remove the pegboard and flip the coaster over.

Place another sheet of parchment paper on top of the unfused side of perler beads and use your iron to fuse the other side.

We LOVE how it turned out!

These coasters are the perfect way to bring something bright to the table. Get creative with your color combos and designs. The sky’s the limit!

Watch the video: How To Make Perler Bead Coaster At Home. Coaster Tutorial


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