How to cook and smoke a whole turkey in the a/s combi ctp

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Place whole, de-thawed turkey on a sheet tray with an icing rack.

Apply a light coat of oil over the entire bird.

Season the turkey with salt, pepper etc.

Place soaked wood chips into the smoker box and attach to the oven.

From the cook screen, select the "write a recipe" icon towards the bottom.

First step: preheat 300F (149C). (Select next).

Second step: conv. mode - 250F (121C)- 10 min. - smoker ON. (Select next).

Third step: combi mode - 250F (121C)- 1 hour - smoker ON. (Select next).

Fourth step: combi mode - 250F (121C) - probe 165F (74C). (Select save and start the recipe).

Once the CTP is preheated after step 1, load turkey into the oven placing the probe into the turkey breast.

Remove cooked turkey from the CTP once recipe is complete and place into the blast chiller to cool if not serving right away.

Perfect smoked turkey for the Holidays!

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