How to create a paper fall wreath

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Cut chipboard into a circle. Decide the size of circle to match your hanging location. The circle doesn't have to be very accurate.

Punch 3 flowers from Botanicabella - Love Letters paper

Cut flowers according to photo: 1) (left) slit between two petals to the center. 2) (right) Cut out two petals. 3) (Bottom) Cut out one petal.

Add glue on left petal.

Attach right petal on left petal and "close" the flower.

Repeat process with two other flowers.

Tale two petal piece you cut out from the flower and roll it.

Trim bottom of pieces to create a straight bottom. Attach all pieces together starting from the center. First the rolled piece and then add pieces according to petal number. Finish with large flower.

Create more flowers. At least 8-10.

Attach flowers to chipboard circle.

Create more flowers from Botanicabella - Summer Sonata paper and attach to chipboard circle.

Create second type of flower. Cut circle from Botanicabella - Eden's Symphony paper. Circle doesn't have to be accurate.

Cut circle into a spiral.

Roll the spiral all the way to the center.

Apply glue to bottom of spiral and secure flower.

Create 8-10 flowers.

Attach flowers to chipboard circle.

Group flowers together to cover chipboard.

Cut leafs from Botanicabella - Birds in Paradise and Eden's Symphony papers and use paper leaves as well.

Add leafs and small paper flowers to the wreath. Cover all exposed chipboard.

Add chipboard with the word fall.

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