How to make fall mason jar craft

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First you want to pain the jar. The mistake I made was using acrylic paint. I would recommend chalk paint to make it look more rustic and natural

I painted with my hand because brush strokes didn't look to good. Again I would recommend chalk paint and spray it on to make it look better

You can do this with wine bottles or mason jars

You want to hot glue the burlap together around the jar

Tare the burlap fabric on the top and bottom to get the natural look

Get some wooden cool letters and hot glue them to the fabric

Paint the letters any color you would like

This is what it looks like when you do that

Add some fake fall leaves and decorations. The stems were to long so you can cut them down to fit into the jar

Put twine or burlap looking string around the top of the jar about 3 times and make a bow

Here is the end product next time use chalk paint though!

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