How to create an abstract drawing using oil pastels

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The first thing you want to do to start this project is to draw a circle using a compass.

After you draw the circle, you will then it is really up to you. This project is abstract for a reason. I would recommend putting different shapes inside the circle, such as a rhombus or triangles.

This is a little farther than what was described so far, but if you look inside of the circle I started adding lines inside the shapes and outside of the shapes inside the circle.

After you've finished completing your abstract lines inside the circle, you will border the outsides using a ruler and pencil which you should have already been using for the circle and shapes inside.

The border can be anything you want it to be. In this case, I did a simple rectangle border around. I added a triangle design on the edges and connected the them which made a trapezoid.

I also included triangles on the inside corners, even though there were already the ones on the inside of the border.

Now we start getting to the colorful part. This is where we start using oil pastels to give the piece lots of flair. The colors I used represented warm colors in this picture.

I used red and orange in the picture before which is not the completed version because it included yellow also.

I colored the rectangle border red. The triangles that connect together orange and the the trapezoids on the inside of the border yellow.

I colored the inside of the circle with the rainbow. I used red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. I colored outside of the shapes on the inside leaving the shapes on the inside blank and white.

This should be the end of the project after your color in the designs in the circle and not the shapes inside. It should be a different version if you used different shapes.

Watch the video: Abstract Circle Composition with Oil Pastels

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