How to make a wedge salad

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Gather all your necessary ingredients and supplies and have them at hand.

Cut a wedge slice from your head of lettuce. (If you're making for more than one person you can cut the head into quarters)

Rinse your wedge of lettuce in cool water and remove 1-2 of the loose outer leaves. Drain your wedge on a paper towel and pat dry. Make sure to remove as much water as possible.

Lay the wedge of lettuce in a nice salad bowl or on a salad plate.

Rinse 6-7 cherry tomatoes under cool water and cut them in half. Pro tip: make sure to be careful using the knife as the cherry tomatoes can roll away

Pour your favorite ranch dressing over the wedge in the bowl. Pro tip: add more or less dressing depending on your preferences

Sprinkle the cherry tomatoes on top of the wedge and the dressing.

Sprinkle about a handful, or 3 Tbs, of blue cheese crumbles on top of the wedge and tomatoes. Pro tip: use more or less cheese depending on your preference

Sprinkle the top of your salad with crumbled bacon...serve and enjoy! Pro tip: you can use pre-cooked bacon or freshly cooked bacon. Pre-cooked bacon can be found in the salad dressing aisle.

Variations: -try using feta cheese if you don't like the taste of blue cheese -use blue cheese dressing instead of ranch for even more blue cheese taste, or try it with a balsamic dressing instead

-add avocado, corn, or cucumber to increase the veggie count -to make a heartier meal, add diced chicken

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