How to thank you gift " your fortune macaron"

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Cut the paper for the box 7.5x2.5' and add Margin 0.5' and 2.25x2.25' for the card then cookie punch 2 3/8'size Then stamp for the card

Make Cutoff line with this die

from top to bottom

Paste together like this

Make a Macaron Holder

Score the line like this

Add ribbon for this 2 doors


Hold to make box

Paste door and card

Put a Macaron

Tie with ribbon

You can stamp just as you like

This is important Make Score like this

Hold and Paste to make a box

Put in together

you can see like this

Finish the box !!

2 3/8' cookie punch and cut off the decoration

Paste like this

Add Stickles

You can see sparkling

Add Liquid Pearls


You can add another small candy

I made a box for this Fortune Macaron box

After you eat candy put inside of box a front decoration Thank you so much!! Make as many as you like then enjoy your party!!

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