How to bake pillsbury brownies

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You'll need one box of mix. It's about a $1.75 at the store.

2 eggs

2/3 cup of oil

A measuring cup.

A whisk and a spatula

A 13x9 Pyrex pan

Place the dry mix from the box into the large bowl.

Add eggs to mix.

Measure out 2/3 oil. Measure at eye level.

1/3 cup of water. Measure at eye level.

Pour oil and water into the bowl.

Whisk until there are no chunks left.

Scrape mix into greased Pyrex with spatula. You will need to hold the bowl in one hand and use the spatula with your dominate hand. The bowl will be heavier than you think, ask for help if needed.

The mix in the Pyrex should cover the whole bottom

Set a timer for 25-27 minutes.

Use a tooth pick and poke the middle all the way down to the pyrex. CAREFUL ITS HOT. Tooth pick should come out clean.

Voila! Let your brownies cool before eating, they'll be easier to cut out of the pan



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