How to make shrimp and spinach pasta

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Boil water

Add pasta to boiling water.

Add frozen spinach to boiling water and boil with pasta for 7 minutes.

Add either frozen or fresh shrimp (shelled/cleaned/deveined) to the boiling pasta and spinach and boil for another 5 minutes altogether.

While pasta, spinach and shrimp boil, add sour cream to a bowl.

Add 1 tsp minced garlic to sour cream.

Add feta cheese (any flavor option tastes great).

Stir sour cream, garlic and feta cheese together. Set aside.

Drain pasta, spinach and shrimp in a colander.

Return pasta, spinach and shrimp to pot or serving bowl. Add sour cream mixture.

Stir and serve (The sour cream mixture naturally warms up from the pasta) Serves 4-6

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