How to 8 dad-isms you still love your dad for

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Here at Brit + Co, we love our dads and their dad-isms. Sometimes we love our dads *despite* their dad-isms.

For Father’s Day this year, we teamed up with Studio Ink to put together a list of trademark dad moves. Studio Ink’s Father’s Day cards are funny and designed with dads in mind.

Come June 18, pick up a card and write down your favorite dad-ism that your dad is totally guilty of. Check out our favorite dad-isms below!

I love you because you’re the only man who can pull off socks with sandals. Can anyone but dad pull off that look? I think not. Write about his killer fashion sense in this card.

I love you even though you tried your hardest to keep me from dating for as long as possible.

Dad’s strict rules probably saved you a lot of time and heartbreak. Tell your dad thanks in this card.

I love you because your favorite way to spend a Friday night is to grill + chill. Let Dad know how much you appreciate his grilling skills with this card.

I love you even though you always yell, “I still got it!” after doing anything somewhat athletic.

Regardless, the fact that dads get so proud after any sort of athletic achievement is pretty adorable and deserves noting in a card.

I love you even though your only dance move is the Macarena. Let your dad know how much you love his fun dance moves with this card.

I love you even though you can’t stop telling bad jokes. I love a good Dad joke. How dads come up with them in beyond me. Reminisce about your favorite dad joke in this card.

I love you because growing up, you were my personal exterminator. Dads love to protect their kids, especially from unwanted pests.

I love you because you always paid for everything. Aren’t dads some of the most generous people you know?

If your dad taught you to value of money *while* paying for everything, he deserves major props. Let your dad know that you appreciate him with the perfect Father’s Day card.

Happy Father’s Day! Make sure to check out the full post of the 8 Dad-Isms you still love your dad for:

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