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Is it just me or have you ever wanted to respond to an in-person conversation with an emoji? For instance, you’re petting your friend’s new puppy and all you can think is “heart-eye emojis!”

Emojis rule our digital lives, but what can we do when we want to send an emoji IRL? The truth is, the best physical counterparts of emojis are greeting cards.

Studio Ink has an amazing collection of cards that encompass all the feels. Check out our favorite emoji-to-card equivalents!

Let’s start with one of my personal most-used emojis: the red heart. The little read heart emoji is sent so casually these days.

Next time you *really* want to send some love, mail them the real life version of a heart emoji, a love card. It’ll make your message much more meaningful.

When something exciting happens to someone you love, you can do better than text them the applauding emoji. Send them a congrats card that says you really are proud of them!

As we learn to “adult,” we also learn that it gets exhausting to keep up with every cool new trend.

You know what makes a person cooler than cool? Being themselves! Send your coolest friend this card for no reason except to make them feel extra special.

If one of your favorite emojis is the laughing face, you would appreciate this card. Next time you want to chuckle with a friend, send a them a funny card they’ll surprise them.

If you like to get edgy with your emoji choices, the rocker hand is your friend. When it’s time to rally up your friends for an epic celebration, you should send them this card.

As we get older, friends span across states, or even countries. Technology is an amazing way to keep in touch with faraway friends, and emojis—like this hugging one—makes it easy to send some feels.

But next time you want to tell a friend you’re *really* thinking of him/her, try sending this card.

It’s almost impossible to *not* smile when you see a rainbow, amiright? Sending rainbow emojis are like sending good vibes out into the digital universe.

But don’t limit your rainbows—pick up some rainbow-themed cards to send positive vibes to all your fave peeps!

In today’s digital age, the fire emoji is one of the best ways to compliment someone. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a fire emoji, you know how it feels :)

To translate this gesture, send someone this punny card to let them know they’re lookin’ good!

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