How to make monogram painted wine glasses

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This project requires drying time of 4 hours, so plan to pick up at a later date.

Sign registration waiver. Put on protective apron.

Clean the surface of your glassware with a paper towel to ensure there is no dust or residue.

Apply vinyl decal(s) to center of glass by placing the sticker upside down and using kraft stick to rub vinyl transfer onto glass. Be sure to rub entire surface of letter for adequate transfer.

For best results, hold the tip of your "Beads in a Bottle" about 1/16" above the surface of your glass and squeeze to the desired size (they will shrink slightly when dry).

Then lift straight up as you release the squeeze. This action is what creates the beaded effect. Repeat all over your glass until you've reached desired design.

Dot with care, as paint can be runny and you may need to adjust glass angle slightly as you go.

"Beads in a Bottle" is self-rounding and will harden when dry. Let your creations dry for at least 4 hours or until your bubbles have fully hardened.

This will secure your design so your toasters can be hand washed with ease.

Toast 'EM! Now just fill your glasses up and say "Cheers" with family and friends!

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